Fall is the perfect time for you to catch up on the maintenance that your Subaru vehicle needs. The heat of the summer can take a toll on your vehicle. You need to get your vehicle prepared for the cold weather. Subaru of Macon wants you to consider getting the following maintenance items done this fall season.

Check Your Battery

The hot summer weather in Macon can drain the battery on your Subaru. With the cold winter coming, this fall season is the time to get your battery checked. If your battery is four years old or older, considering getting a new battery installed is not a bad idea.

Get Your Subaru's Oil Changed

It's important to have clean oil in your vehicle as the cooler weather comes on. Dirty oil is thick. The cold weather can make your oil thicker. If your oil is thick and dirty, it will make it harder to start your vehicle when it gets really cold.

Do An Antifreeze Check

During the transition months of fall, it's important to have the antifreeze checked in your Subaru. Subaru of Macon has highly-trained service technicians that can make sure that the antifreeze mix in your Subaru is at the level that will provide the best protection. If necessary, the technicians can drain and fill the antifreeze according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Wiper Blades

Summer's heat can damage the windshield wipers on your vehicle. Before winter comes, get the wiper blades changed so that you will be able to see clearly.


You need tires with the best tread to get you through any snow that might come down in the late fall. The service techs at Subaru of Macon can check your tires and install new ones if needed.

Fall is the time to keep your Subaru vehicle properly maintained. Service done now will help this winter.

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