The 2018 Subaru Love Promise Customer Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our customers and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2018 Subaru Love Promise Customer Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes Subaru retailers who demonstrate excellence in all areas of customer-focused performance. It highlights exceptional customer service that builds lifelong relationships with Subaru owners.

The 2018 Subaru Love Promise Customer Commitment Award

What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

The Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment

We believe in being a positive force in something bigger. And it all starts right here in our community. Not just by our donations, but by our actions.

That's why we stay true to our Love Promise Community Commitment by partnering with a wide variety of community nonprofits and charities.

Every year, we join hands with our owners in the "Share the Love" event, giving back to our community-a community that's given so much to us.

So, every day, we strive to ensure our love is felt not just by our customers, but by all in our community. We do this because we feel it is the right thing to do.

We are proud to participate in the Love Promise Community Commitment. We're grateful, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve and support the causes and passions that are closest to our hearts, right here in our neighborhood.

All of the organizations we support have one thing in common: the unwavering dedication to improve the world and the lives of ­its people.

Subaru Loves Pets

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Subaru Loves the Earth

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Subaru Loves Learning

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Subaru Loves to Help

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Subaru Loves to Care

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Whether they live in our homes or in the wild, Subaru is committed to keeping all animals safe and healthy.

A partner since 2008, Subaru has donated close to $14 million to the ASPCA and helped support nearly 1,000 pet adoption events, resulting in more than 11,500 adoptions to date.


Loving the environment means more than loving the great outdoors. It means working to preserve it.

Over a decade ago, Subaru became the first U.S. auto manufacturer to become zero-landfill, and now, in collaboration with the National Park Service and the National Parks Conservation Association, Subaru is leveraging that same environmental expertise to help the National Parks reach zero-landfill too.


It’s our goal to make the pursuit of knowledge available to as many minds as possible.

Total donations to teachers: $92,233
Over 200 teachers adopted
More than 15,000 students impacts


In a perfect world, hunger would be history and hope would be commonplace. We believe a perfect world is possible.

Subaru and Meals on Wheels America worked together to make volunteering easier, by launching a tool called the Meals on Wheels Online Volunteer Drive.


We should all have a chance to lead a healthy life. We’re aiming to give as many people that chance as we can.

Subaru has donated more than $4.5 million dollars to
Make A Wish, helping to grant 610 wishes in the U.S.

How is Subaru of Macon dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

Macon Bibb County Animal Welfare, S.A.F.E, Reid Rescue, Maine Lab Rescue, All About Animals
Tattnall Square Academy, Dames Ferry Elementary
Depaul Daybreak
Jay's Hope, Navicent Health, Peyton Anderson Cancer Center

Subaru Love Promise Heart

Love Promise Stories from Subaru of Macon

Subaru Delivers Warmth and Hope to Cancer Patients  –  Audrey S

Subaru Delivers Warmth and Hope to Cancer Patients

On June 27, 2018 The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and Subaru of Macon partnered together to deliver blankets, messages of hope, and arts and craft kits to cancer patients at the Peyton Anderson Cancer Center. Representatives from Subaru shared that some of their team members have had personal experiences with cancer in their families, and getting involved through the Subaru Loves to Care Program is very meaningful to them. They were elated to partner with LLS to help bring warmth and hope to cancer patients, as their family members have been treated at the Peyton Anderson Cancer Center. Subaru of Macon sales representative, Mr. Jim Waters, shared that he was treated at Peyton Anderson Cancer Center and that his wife is also a Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor. Mr. Waters stated that it means a great deal to him personally to be able to give back and help others, as he and his wife were helped. Scott Chambers, Subaru of Macon’s General Manager, shared a few words about Subaru’s commitment to the community and why participating in this program is meaningful to them.The Peyton Anderson Cancer Center thanks Subaru of Macon and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for the 3rd consecutive year of helping bring warmth and hope to their cancer patients through the Subaru Loves to Care Program.

“Love Changes Everything” by Sr. Theresa Sullivan  –  Emily H

“Love Changes Everything”  by Sr. Theresa Sullivan

“Love Changes Everything” by Sr. Theresa Sullivan, Director of Daybreak,A Project of Depaul USA April 5, 2018 Subaru of Macon wowed Daybreak, A Project of Depaul USA by their $20,000 check, the fruits of “Share the Love.” Thank you to Subaru of Macon and to everyone who purchased a Subaru. Your “love changes everything.” I hope you enjoy your Subaru as much as our participants will appreciate the fruits of this donation. 100% of this donation goes directly to providing basic necessities to our brothers and sisters who are homeless. Each year Daybreak, a Project of Depaul USA needs to raise 100% of our expenses. Think of the basic things you have each day: shower, food, laundry, medical care, technology… In 2017, Daybreak served a total of 1,522 men and women. These individuals visited Daybreak a total of 19,793 times. Daybreak also provided 19,588 meals and 11,311 hygiene services. It assisted 67 participants obtain employment and 20 secured permanent housing. An additional 21 participants moved to “better” living situations (i.e., from the streets to shelter or from a shelter into temporary housing). The Health Clinic at Daybreak, a partnership with Georgia College and State University and First Choice Primary Care Federally Qualified Health Center, saw 363 patients and provided 4,005 health services last year. Each of these services are acts of love which can “change everything.” Some of those 19,588 meals were served by Subaru of Macon employees. Daybreak is proud to be connecting with Subaru of Macon who truly has a heart for the community. In so many ways they have put their “Love Promise” into action. Our homeless brothers and sisters here at Daybreak have been touched by Subaru of Macon employees who came to serve breakfast and collected supplies we need at Daybreak. The night of our “Greater Macon Sleepout” 11 Subaru of Macon employees slept outside in solidarity with those who are homeless. General Manager, Ken Grinstead, demonstrated servant leadership; by the way he accompanied his team in setting up his tent and sleeping out. I love the song “Love Changes Everything.” I believe that we can and we do change the world through acts of love and kindness. In Macon we are blessed to have companies like Subaru who believe in the community and model how together we “share the love” and change the world. Thank you Subaru for being part of Daybreak mission and sharing your love with our participants who often feel the world’s scorn rather than love.

Subaru loves safe shelter  –  Theresa S

 Subaru loves safe shelter

On these cold winter days and yes, even on Macon’s beastly hot days, where do our homeless brothers and sisters find shelter? Subaru of Macon’s team has shared their time, talent and treasure with Daybreak, a project of Depaul USA, which is a day resource center for people experiencing homelessness. Each day at Daybreak, we count on our partners to assist us in alleviating the crisis of homelessness by providing laundry, showers, and access to computers, printers, and telephones, as well as clinic services and case management. Over the past few months, Daybreak participants were greeted by members of the Subaru team who woke up early so they could join the Daybreak team as they opened their doors at 7:30am to serve breakfast to people in Macon experiencing homelessness. In addition to that, Subaru collected and filled our pantry with supplies we use every day, including laundry detergent, coffee, canned fruit, sugar, shampoo……. At our holiday party, when Emily Hubbard placed a “Subaru and Outback" ornament on our tree, it was clear that the ornament represented what the tree was all about: a promise of love. Subaru, thank you for allowing Daybreak to benefit from “Share the Love,” a program that lives up to its name. Thank you for helping to support the over 1,200 people who come to Daybreak for shelter each year.

Subaru Loves to Care for Cancer Patients  –  Chantal R

Subaru Loves to Care for Cancer Patients

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society â¿¿ Georgia Chapter is grateful for the opportunity to join the Subaru of Macon on June 26 to bring hope and joy to the Peyton Anderson Cancer Center at Navicent Health during Subaru Loves to Care. We were joined with Cancer Center director, Peyton Anderson, Ron Lazar, and several staff members to give patients their blankets. While we could not meet all the patient recipients for the blankets, we did have the pleasure of meeting Oslen Ware and Emmett Walker. Oslen is diagnosed with diffuse large B cell lymphoma and Emmett is diagnosed with a myeloproliferative neoplasm. Both Oslen and Emmett received care from the Georgia Chapter of LLS; Oslen has been a recipient of LLS Patient Support Services and Emmett recently received travel assistance. The Georgia Chapter is proud to have been involved with Subaru for such a noteworthy cause.

He lived and loves his Subaru  –  Dustin H

He lived and loves his Subaru

My brother is a single father of three he has had his eye on a Subaru for a while. I started working here at Subaru of Macon last year which made him excited. He came down and bought his very first Subaru, a Crosstrek. He was very impressed with his car and loved driving it. Three weeks into owning his first new car he was on his way to work at 3:45 am. He was traveling on 85 south just outside of Commerce, GA when he went to pass a truck and was struck head on by a man who was running from the police. The guy was driving an Audi A4 going approximately 120 mph. My brother Kyle said he just held on as his 2016 Crosstrek spun and rolled 8 times coming to a stop about 175 feet from the point of impact. He was able to open his passenger door and crawl out of his car, he walked away with minor scraps on his legs and bruising from being tumbled around in his car. He called me later that morning to explain what happened and said he will never drive anything other than a Subaru he was thankful and that his Subaru saved his life. Kyle wanted to know how soon we could get him approved for another Subaru he just wanted a Forester this time. I spoke with my sales manager Scott Chambers letting him know what happened, he got to work on the deal right away and bent over backwards to get him into his 2017 Forester the very next day. Since this accident Kyle tells everyone they need to buy a Subaru.

Furever After Rescue & All About Animals  –  Dell S

Furever After Rescue & All About Animals

I wanted to say thank you for letting us have our event at your location on Saturday. There were a few adoptions and we made some money for the rescues.

Subaru Loves to Care- Leukemia & Lymphoma Society  –  Emily H

Subaru Loves to Care- Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Thank you and everyone at Subaru of Macon very much for your partnership with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)! Your generous donation of care cards of hope and blankets to the blood cancer patients at Navicent Health is greatly appreciated. I can’t say enough about how much we value your commitment to the LLS mission of bettering patients’ lives and finding a cure for blood cancer. Chantel Coxhead LLS Georgia Chapter

Subaru and Jay's HOPE  –  Christie J

Subaru and Jay's HOPE

When 7-year-old Kaitlyn stepped out of the shower, she noticed her leg was swollen. Her mom immediately took her to the hospital in her small town. Doctors referred Kaitlyn to a hospital in Macon, nearly two hours away from her home, and they were told she has cancer. For months, she has been traveling several times a week to appointments and treatments, close to 150 miles round trip each time. Aside from the emotional toll of her diagnosis, Kaitlyn's family quickly learned they would face major financial burdens. Thanks to supporters like Subaru of Macon, the Jay's HOPE Foundation is able to offer Kaitlyn and her family gas and meal cards for their trips to treatment. This is just one of the many ways your "Share the Love" campaign is helping our families with children battling cancer. Because of your donation, we can also offer support services like: -Tutoring for children who are homebound -Monthly social events -Mortgage and utility assistance -Care packages ...and much more. On behalf of our families, we would like to thank Subaru of Macon for their continued support of the Jay's HOPE Foundation.

Subaru Loves Learning Book Drive August 1 - 31  –  Danielle S

Subaru Loves Learning Book Drive August 1 - 31

Join us in our Subaru Loves Learning initiative during the month of August! We are partnering with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in donating science books to Tattnall Square Academy. All of the books that will be donated have been recognized by AAAS as some of the best science books in their field. Contact us to learn more information.

Subaru Loves the Earth - E-Waste Event  –  Danielle S

Subaru Loves the Earth - E-Waste Event

We would like to thank our customers for participating in our E Waste Recycling event during the month of April. With your help, we were able to prevent 2,090 lbs of carbon emissions from polluting the atmosphere. This is equivalent to saving 81 trees, 356 gallons of gasoline, 3,030 plastic bottles, and 13,936 aluminum cans. Thank you for helping strengthen the Subaru Love Promise!

Jay's HOPE  –  Christie J

Jay's HOPE

We cannot thank Subaru of Macon enough for "Sharing the Love" with the Jay's HOPE Foundation. Through your donation, we will be able to continue to provide direct support to local families with children battling cancer. Your support will allow us to: -Continue to provide gas cards for kiddos to get to treatment -Offer monthly social events so our families can fellowship and build lasting bonds -Help pay mortgages and utilities for families who have had to step away from their jobs to care for their child -Send tutors to our kiddos on homebound due to their treatment And these services are just the beginning! Thank you for joining hands with us to bring light during these families darkest days....for helping us spread HOPE.

April 1-30, 2015 E-Waste Recycling Event  –  Molly M

April 1-30, 2015 E-Waste Recycling Event

Throughout the month of April, we are hosting an E-Waste Recycling Event in our store to collect unwanted electronics. We've arranged to work with a company who will responsibly collect, re-purpose, and recycle your electronic waste. Help us protect our environment. Just show up with your E-Waste and we'll do the rest! The first 50 customers who contribute will receive a complementary environmental badge of ownership. We will accept: LCD Monitors, Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, CRTs up to 40 inches, Video Games/Consoles, Fax Machines, DVD/VCR Players, Printers, Computer Peripherals, Switches/Routers, Cords and Wires.